Babyliss Diamond Hair Dryer Review – 2019 -2020

Babyliss Diamond Hair Dryer Review - 2016

Diamond Hair Dryer by Babyliss Review

If you care about your hair, then the right hair dryer is essential. There are many options on the market right now, but a great hair dryer should offer plenty of control, variable settings and be simple and easy to use.

Fortunately, the BaByliss Diamond Dryer is one of the leading models and certainly makes a noticeable statement. Aside from its sleek and chic look, this device has a great asking price and packs plenty of features that anyone would want. Let’s take a closer look at what this dryer is capable of.


Main Features

When looking at the statistics for this device, it’s clear plenty of effort has gone into providing a hair dryer that offers a high level of customisation and practicality. Here are it’s most unique features:

  • This device can generate 2200 watts in airflow, giving you plenty of power.
  • This flow can be adjusted with various settings. There are three heat modes and two different speed settings to help customise the airflow.
  • There’s also a cold shot button, to help give blasts of cold air when you need it.
  • It also comes with a removable filter, which makes it much easier to clean.
  • Similarly, the concentrator nozzle refines the airflow into a thin, slim strip, offering excellent control when required.
  • BaByliss Diamond DryerThe ionic conditioners also help with a variety of hair styles, such as keeping frizz in check.
  • There’s also a hanging loop, which makes for an easy and effect storage solution.
  • The 2.7m cord is also appreciated, allowing you to move pretty far from the socket and still use the device.

For a hair dryer, this a lot to offer. The various controls ensure that even the most dedicated beauticians and hair dresses can get some great use out of this product, while it’s simple and practical for home use as well.




Using The Hair Dryer

When using this appliance, the power of the AC motor really does speak for itself. With 2200 watts, you never complain about the speed and quality of the airflow this device has to offer. From the moment you turn it on, there is plenty of power.

This is best supported by the adjustable controls. These settings offer a decent level of precision. The three heat modes allow you to determine how quickly your hair dries down, which is great for getting the right shape and style, while the speed settings also help with comfort and a variety of other factors. Between the 5 of them, there are plenty of settings for you to find your perfect mode.

Similarly, the concentrator nozzle is a simple feature that works wonders. When you need to focus on a specific part of your hair and you don’t want the excess airflow to disturb the rest of your hair, this is fantastic. It’s easy to attach and effortlessly directs the flow into one concentrated stream. You can still use the various settings to adjust this airflow, as well, which makes it rather useful.

As far as other practical features go, this hair dryer is easy to store away too. Even though it has quite a long cable – which is useful if your room has plugs and sockets in odd areas – the simple inclusion of a loop lets you hang this dryer up if you want.

Finally, as far as aesthetics go, it’s not a bad looking device, either. The sleek black look is very elegant, while the subtle diamond effect adds a touch of luxury and glamour that belays much of the device’s stylistic capabilities.



Ultimately, if you care about your hair you need a dryer that can offer a great level of control in terms of speed, heat and airflow direction. Fortunately, the BaByliss Diamond Dryer does all of this and more.





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